Ellen Pao

“Necessary and incisive”

— Roxane Gay

If you want to know what power in tech looks like and why. If you are curious about how the Silicon Valley elite behave—and why so few women and people of color roam their corridors of power. If you want to read the story that lit a fuse under the tech bro culture. If you have been talked over, ignored, passed over, disrespected, paid less, or harassed. If you've been called too aggressive, too quiet, too ambitious, too bossy, or too unlikeable. If you've ever wondered if it's possible to fix tech and what it will take...

This book is for you.




“Ellen Pao’s case against sexism in venture capital sparked a national conversation.”

— Fast Company

Ellen K. Pao is a tech investor and advocate, the former CEO of reddit, and a cofounder of the award-winning diversity and inclusion nonprofit Project Include. Her writing has appeared in WIREDThe New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Lenny, and Recode. She has earned an electrical engineering degree from Princeton and law and business degrees from Harvard.


“Some of us lose, and some of us win. What’s important is that we’re telling our stories and standing up for ourselves and for one another.”

— Ellen Pao


Project Include

Project Include is a non-profit that uses data and advocacy to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. We encourage CEOs to implement comprehensive solutions that include everyone in all activities and to use metrics for accountability. Follow @projectinclude